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Jul 15

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Aug 12

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Aug 13

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Aug 14

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Aug 20

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Aug 21

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Aug 28

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Sep 2

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Sep 3

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Sep 17

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Sep 25

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Oct 11

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Collaborating to ensure high levels of learning for all


District 45 is a collaborative community preparing students to successfully navigate a dynamic world.


Constructivist Teaching and Learning

In this philosophy, the learner uses existing knowledge to create unique solutions and navigate unpredictable situations – the power (choice and control) is transferred to the learner. In our District 45 community, we are all learners.


We ​believe in COMMUNICATION​ to build honest and open relationships; THEREFORE, ​we engage in collaborative, meaningful dialogue in which we hear and value all voices.

We ​believe in TRUST​ as essential to an empowered environment; THEREFORE,​ our actions and communications are open and honest, respectful of the common ground we share, and assume the best intentions — ultimately creating a safe and secure environment for all.

We​ believe in DIVERSITY​ by incorporating cultural backgrounds and experiences; THEREFORE,​ our community includes a vibrant culture where shared experiences and our celebration of differences create acceptance, relevance and inclusion for all.

We​ believe in ENGAGEMENT​ as a community fully engaged in the learning process; THEREFORE,​ we ensure all learners are immersed in meaningful experiences that foster communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

We​ believe in GROWTH​ as a continuous commitment to building high-level learning and resiliency for now and in the future; THEREFORE, we ​ have clarity on where we are, confidence in where we are going, and the perseverance to get there.

We ​believe in COLLABORATION​ to foster an interdependent learning community; THEREFORE,​ we engage in purposeful conversation and collective decision-making to develop/unleash the creativity of lifelong problem solvers.

We believe in HIGH-LEVEL LEARNING​ through a student-by-student and skill-by-skill focus; THEREFORE,​ ​we are passionate risk-takers engaged in dynamic, purposeful, and personalized learning.


GOAL 1: Foster Collaborative Relationships

Relationships matter. We advance our mission and vision through trust and a unified commitment to the success of every learner.

High-level Strategies:

  • Build collaborative leadership and systems for the use of
  • Improve internal and external communications to better tell
    D45’s continuous improvement story

GOAL 2: Prepare Navigators of Learning

Through a guaranteed and viable District-wide curriculum, students learn how to navigate unknowns by using their existing knowledge/skills to create unique solutions and take actions.

High-level Strategies:

  • Improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment for 21st century teaching and learning
  • Increase student learning and engagement through a constructivist approach to teaching and learning

GOAL 3: Create a Learning Community of Choice

Our continuous improvement model ensures our commitment to sustainable excellence. As a result, the entire learning community chooses to invest and thrive in District 45. (i.e., students want to learn here; parents want to move here; staff want to work here.)

High-level Strategies:

  • Implement and monitor our Tactical Plan through high-level, District-wide strategies that focus on eight areas:
    • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    • Student Learning and Engagement
    • Technology Networks and Hardware
    • Use of Time and Space
    • Personalized Professional Learning
    • Collaborative Leadership and Data
    • Budget Resources
    • Communication

GOAL 4: Provide An Environment that Enhances Student Learning

Learning is not limited by boundaries of brick and mortar. We design our spaces and utilize technology to promote the continued growth and success of all learners (parents, staff, students, community partners).

High-level Strategies:

  • Ensure the use of time and space supports 21st century teaching and learning
  • Provide relevant technology networks and hardware to support a culture of data, trust and evidence of learning
  • Explore and maintain budget resources ​to support 21st century teaching and learning

GOAL 5: Secure Finances that Prioritize Student Learning

The budget development and review process prioritizes student learning. All expenditures support the District’s continuous improvement goals.

High-level Strategies:

  • Ensure budget resources support and sustain 21st century teaching and learning
  • Sustain relevant technology networks and hardware to support a culture of data, trust and evidence of learning
  • Optimize funds for the effective use of time and space for a 21st century teaching and learning environment


D45’s fundamental educational approach of constructivism recognizes that each individual learner comes to the classroom with unique knowledge and experiences.

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