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February 22, 2022 / Westmore

Westmore students lead the Pledge

At Westmore Elementary School, eight students in Ms. Nicole Farquhar’s 4th-grade class recently participated in a Board of Education meeting. With the help of video, the group appeared and led the Pledge of Allegiance at the Board’s February 22 meeting.

As is customary at the beginning of each meeting, the Board of Education and all those present stood for the Pledge. The students’ video was played and those in attendance joined in as the students recited the Pledge.

Ms. Farquhar said the students were really excited to be part of the meeting and actively participate in their small way.

“I am very proud of my students for how well they carried themselves and their excitement about the activity,” Farquhar said.

The students who participated recently had a chance to preview the video and talk about their experiences. They recalled the sunny and cold morning when they raised the flag and then recorded the Pledge for the Board meeting.

Winds were strong on the morning they recorded. When the students unfolded the flag, they were careful to hold on to it tightly. Before they raised the flag, Ms. Farquhar talked a little about it and what the stars and stripes symbolized.

One of the students, Amelia Kmiec, recalled that “Ms. Farquhar was showing us the stars on the flag and telling us that they represent how many states there are,” said Amelia.

Another student, Brooklyn Gibney, talked about her experience of raising the flag. “I got to clip on the bottom of the flag,” she said. “I was a little bit nervous but mainly excited because it was a thrill.”

Like many people react to hearing their recorded voice, Benjamin Montgomery said he didn’t like how he sounded on video. “Every time I listen to myself on a recording, I sound different,” he said. “I don’t sound good.”

Ms. Farquhar added that she is a history buff and has always enjoyed learning about our country. “Years ago, when I taught fifth grade, we focused on American history, and fourth grade goes deep into Illinois history.”

Farquhar said she was grateful for this unique opportunity. “I grew up here; I still live here. I’m sincerely proud to work in District 45.”

Special thanks to Ms. Farquhar and Westmore 4th grade students Amelia Kmiec, Caleb Ilcken, Floyd Griffith, Olivia Peterson, Brooklyn Gibney, Benjamin Montgomery, Karsyn Riha, and Aamina James.